Recent News

2005.12.29 by FA Licah Fox
The site is back online after a two-week hiatus due to server troubles. The store was fixed a few weeks ago and is now linked to on the side bar. I've also updated the Command Staff, adding Raven as CO and Renan as SO.

This is going to be my last update to this site, so I hope someone from the ABG takes over. Good luck, ABG!
2005.07.23 by FA Licah Fox
You are now able to backup your character again in the Character Database; this had not worked since we moved to the new webserver many months ago.
2005.04.21 by FA Licah Fox
A problem was fixed in the Character Database that had been preventing RSers from modifying their own character sheets.
2005.04.14 by FA Licah Fox
After a lack of updates since December, information on this site was brought up-to-date, and many links fixed. Significant updates were also made to the Character Database, making it easier to use.
2004.12.10 by FA Licah Fox
The Manual is now entirely database-driven, and a search feature was added. Sub-articles were brought out to the main articles list.
2004.12.09 by FA Licah Fox
Old content cleared from Main, Offices, Divisions, and Campaign. The roster was fixed, and this news page was created. Updates to the stylesheet were made. Divisions and Campaign were removed from the nav bar for the time being, as they had no current content. The manual was partially converted to PHP/MySQL for easier maintenance, and the articles were made easier to access.
2004.12.08 by FA Licah Fox
December 2004 newsletter by MGN Sea Messi posted.
2004.11.21 by FA Licah Fox
November 2004 newsletter by MGN Sea Messi posted.

Past News

For past news, please visit the complete archive of RF news and ABG news found on the main RS site.