The Allegiance Battle Group is the Simming/Star Wars RPG division of the Rebel Squadrons. Based in the Baphomet system of RS space, the ABG participates in the most dangerous, challenging and versatile missions anywhere. The Allegiance Battle Group utilizes elements of both the West End Games (d6) and Wizards of the Coast (d20) versions of the Star Wars RPG game to provide a role-playing experience not found anywhere else. Think you've got what it takes? Sign up!

Latest News

September 17th 2017: MAD SCIENCE! has received some balances changes to put it in line with the other spec classes.

September 17th 2017:

New Group Fire Rules have been added to the manual.

April 20th 2017: Added Quirk : "Where is the 'any' key"

April 16th 2017: New rules regarding the detection of artifacts
Please see:

April 15th 2017: Weapon Deflection now reads :

This ability is used as a reaction skill vs any attack. Your attacks for the following round deal -1D damage. If you are successful in deflecting an enemy attack you do not take the attack damage penalty for your next round, and you may make a counter attack as if you had used the appropriate skill to block the attack. The incoming attack is considered to be a miss, and does not impact your weapon/cause damage to your weapon.

April 15th 2017: Martial Artist now has a sublet for K'Thri.

March 23rd 2017: Extended Stims are now available. These stims last much longer but are treated as an inherent bonus.

For more information :

January 12th 2017: Spending CP on Rolls has been tweaked slightly. Now reads :

During a sim a character may add one or more CP to roll to increase a skill or attribute by 1D for each CP spent in a round. Spending a CP to increase an attribute does not increase all skills under that attribute, only the roll. During the next round, all die rolls return to normal. You cannot spend more than 2 CP in a round in this manner.

January 12th 2017: Specialist Class Change : Medical Doctor's ability to use "Extended research" is now capped at 15 times the character's Specialist class dice code.

January 12th 2017: New Rule added to Taking Action under Reacting to Grenades/Area of Effect.

Explosives in Enclosed Spaces, "Chunky Salsa" : If an explosion happens inside of an enclosed space due to a grenade or other explosive device and the radius of that explosive includes a wall that is not destroyed in the blast, any character inside of the radius takes double damage ( For example, 1D becomes 2D ) from the reverberation of the blast.

January 11th 2017: Faction Requirements changed to : To become a Faction, a player must first have either a Base of Operations (BO) worth at least 25,000,000 credits, or be stationed on a Capital Ship or station worth at least 25,000,000 credits.

December 13th 2016: Planetary Guns have been re-balanced, please see a SGM if you currently have planetary guns for the adjustment.

Planetary Guns now deal 200 SBD/RU/SYS damage (depending on type) and fire two shots of 100 damage each per combat round.

December 9th 2016: The Character Death section of the manual has received one very important update and one other update that was-just-kinda-bothering-us.


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