The Allegiance Battle Group is the Simming/Star Wars RPG division of the Rebel Squadrons. Based in the Baphomet system of RS space, the ABG participates in the most dangerous, challenging and versatile missions anywhere. The Allegiance Battle Group utilizes elements of both the West End Games (d6) and Wizards of the Coast (d20) versions of the Star Wars RPG game to provide a role-playing experience not found anywhere else. Think you've got what it takes? Sign up!

Latest News

March 4th 2021: March 4th, 2021: To help motivate GMs we'll be doubling Merit Point rewards for running a sim this month. One run one sim, get 4 merit points! Additionally, if you run at least 3 sims this month (preferably one a week) you'll be getting an additional 10 merit point award for helping encourage activity!

And since we're doing all the merit things we're also curbing the "consecutive sim bonus" no longer require Calendar placement. All you need to do, as a gm, is announce a specific day and time(ish, this is subject to change depending) and as long as you run regularly on said day per week you'll be able to qualify for said consecutive bonus. The cap also increased from +3 mp to +5. Huzzah, merits!

January 4th 2021: ADV Skills now cost less to upgrade. Instead of # Before D x2 - 1/2 Attribute it is now just the # before the D.

December 20th 2020: Academic and Bodyguard have been rewritten. The former to be substantial better and the latter to be more in-line with guarding bodies.

Ace Pilot and Medical Doctor have been buffed to lure you into taking them.

A new Specialist Class, Combat Engineer, is now available.

Added quirk "Markus Damage." It is essentially the opposite of Experienced.

December 18th 2020: 3 New Advanced Skills have been added, Ambush I, II, and III under Perception! Do more damage to unaware targets!

Lightsaber is now a basic skill. Again. Let's see if that sticks this time.

December 17th 2020: Characters may no longer benefit from +Inherent/External equipment without first knowing a skill.

Computer Eng and Engineering now requires you to KNOW the skill you're emulating.

Force Alchemy no longer requires you to know the skill in order to give it a +enhancement bonus. You must still know it to emulate it.

The Telepath and Paranoid quirks have been updated to be better.

December 16th 2020: The health-conscious quirk's modifier increased to +9. It was too good for what it did at the previous cost. Please see an SGM if you need to rejigger your quirks, thanks!

December 12th 2020: New Sentinel Characters have had their starting bonuses buffed a bit. That's +2 to Attributes, +3D Skill dice, +2 Basic/Adv Skills, +10 CP, +1 FP, and base starting HP is now 20 at the lowest. See Sentinel Company under Create a Character in the manual!

December 11th 2020: The starship design spreadsheet has been updated, it can be found in the Starship Design skill. It is now a google document. Follow the instructions on the sheet.

December 9th 2020: Firearms Design/Construction has been added to the manual:

December 8th 2020: Minor modification to the modification system (lol): Accuracy mod now increases its modifier by 1 each time it is applied, so +3, +4, +5, etc.

December 8th 2020: Professional Solider has been restructured. It's armor abilities are still intact but most of its support abilities have been changed.

New Quirks! Rebalanced Quirks! QUIRKS!

Adjusted Quirks:

Murderous: - Modifier increase to +8.
Change for Change's Sake - Removed.
Master's Boon - Item changed from handheld to Character Scale.
It's All About The Benjamins - Now increases sim credit rewards.
MacGyver - Removed GM suggestion to describe how the quirk worked.
Safety Net - No longer disappears after use. Modifier increased to +8.
Felon - Changed to trigger on a d100. Added inability to purchase permits.
Exile - Changed to trigger on a d100.
Pacifist - Damage penalty reduced to -1D.
Ruthless - Damage penalty reduced to -1D.
Reckless Crafter - Now increases crafting failures by 1 level for construction.
You Only Live Once - Now kills you at Dying or Mostly Dead.
Exceptional Hearing - Complete rework. Now affects Sonar.
Gunslinger - Removed free adv skill. Now grants bonuses to drawing weapons.
Health Conscious - Now reduces FA/Med DCS by 5.
Not Today - Updated Wording.
Quick Hands - Complete rework.
Certain Death - Updated wording and now works with Wounds.
Inefficient Crafter - Reduced to 15% from 20% cost.
Righty Tighty - Penalty reduced to -1 from -2. Modifier reduced to -3.
Blind - Now effects listen positively.
Deaf - Now effects sight positively.
CEO - Business slot clarified to be non convertible. Asset reduction now applies to Macroeconomics.
Air-Head - Now increases scholar DCs. Modifier increased to -4
Amnesia - Modifier increased to -26 from -20.
Coward - Penalty reduced to -1D.
Lost Hope - Modifier increased to -10 from -6.
Ne're-do-Well - Removed penalty to skills, decreased modifier -9.
Force Beserker - Modifier reduced to -8

New Quirks, by Category:

General Positive
General Negative
Physical Positive
Physical Negative
Mental Positive
Mental Negative
Positive Force
Force Negative
Background Positive

December 1st 2020: Updated and Clarified Neutral Bonuses in the Equipment Section.
Force Powers are now Neutral Bonuses and follow those enhancement caps unless otherwise clarified.
General Assistance from PCs now breaks Neutral Bonus Cap.
Added new adv skills to manual:

Creative Acuity
Economics I and II
Leadership II
Tradesperson I-III

November 30th 2020: GE has had it's DCs adjusted and mutation chart expanded to be less harsh to lower-end crafters.

November 28th 2020: You can now use the Engineering crafting system to create Medicine and First Aid kits! Hooray healing!

November 28th 2020: Wounds have been adjusted to be easier to remove. You now accumulate Temporary Wounds from taking damage which then turn into Permeant Wounds while healed. While it may be a scary word, Permanent Wounds can also be healed!

November 28th 2020: Added a stipulation about minions with spec classes possessing minions of their own. It's possible! But only sort of! See Specialist Classes in the manual for more details.

November 11th 2020: Factions have returned! See for updated Faction mechanics. If you previously had a faction you will be reimbursed the full asset value of your faction to remake it, or do with as you please. See Rhuryc for details.

November 9th 2020: MFTAS has been changed to reflect the system as it is currently. It no longer grants +search, but reduces penalties to visual perception. If you have a MFTAS system see a gm to update your sheet.

November 6th 2020: Some basic skills have been adjusted. Droid Programming and and Droid Repair have been merged to be Droid Programming/Repair to match CP/R, Comms Repair is now covered by CP/R. Hover Vehicle Repair and Operations are now covered by Repulsorlift Repair. If you had any of these skills and they were upgraded see Rhuryc for adjustments.

October 27th 2020: New Specialist Classes added to the manual! They are:

Chosen Adept
Crime Lord

Additionally, System Engineer has been entirely revamped. Infiltrator was nerfed slightly, and Sharp Shooter was nerfed a bit harder. Ranger has received a substantial buff. Go check 'em out!

October 12th 2020: Have you always wanted to help another player but didn't know how? Don't care about your character's upgrade action? Well now there's a solution for you! General Assistance rules have been added to the Taking Action section of the manual, allowing players to give their friends direct bonuses to their rolls.

October 11th 2020: October 11th 2020: Skills! 20+ Advanced Skills have been added to the manual. As usual, if you see any mistakes or typos let me know so I can fix them asap.

Overwhelming Fire

Armor Specialization
Cultural Liason
Galactic Cartographer
High Class Schmooze
Terrestrial Explorer

Communications Maestro
Engines to Full
Fire Everything
Sensor Tech
Vehicle Focus
Vehicle Specialization

Bazaar Merchant

Adapted Tolerance
Free Climber
Imposing Stature
Iron Maiden
Trained Sprinter

Modify on the Fly

October 4th 2020: Demolitions updated to reflect new Sundering rules and brought up to modern standards. It's also now just a tiny bit better than it was, making it easier to add damage to Detonite Charges.

October 4th 2020: What up! We're picking things up again after a hiatus and so we've got some activity events. Firstly, all CP and Learning credit is DOUBLED for the duration of October. Huzzah. Go forth, and sim. Nextly, Rhuryc is looking for GMs to volunteer for some simming action. You'll be awarded additional Merit Points for volunteering.

Update wise, the Taking Action section of the manual has received some lovely changes. There is a new version of action economy. Characters now receive 2 Combat Actions, 1 Opportunity Action, and 1 Movement Action in a round. These are further explained under their respective topics within Taking Action. We've also added new Cover rules and rules for Sundering objects/walls/things other than faces.

May 3rd 2020: Hello all! Today we've made a slew of changes that should make combat in the ABG more interesting and a little more impactful. These changes are largely made to represent what we see in our favorite movies: our heroes getting beaten down and having to work harder and harder to push through and keep going, ending up beaten and battered messes by the end of the film.... only to be hale and hearty for the next adventure!

The remainder of the changes seek to reign in a bit of the power gain from a few specific skills. See below!

The old 'Wounding' damage type has been changed to 'Bleeding'

New system: Wounds! See the renamed Character Injury and Death page for details, summary:

Character Death:

Healing HP changes:

Called Shot changes:

Advanced skill changes:

Corrected the verbiage on the CEO quirk. No mechanical change.

New Advanced Skill: Pain Suppression (STR) - This gives you the ability to push through the penalties of Wounds if they've begun to stack up, at the risk of severely hampering you for the remainder of the sim and possibly your upgrade session that week. Take a peep.

To come:
Tweaks to Medical Doctor and Force Healer

April 24th 2020: A new Modification system that works for all design and construction systems has been added.

April 24th 2020: Updates to the Genetic Engineering system

We feel these changes should encourage some variety in player's use of the Genetic Engineering system and make advancement a little more forgiving in avoiding Stabilize checks hitting at the exact same time as DC increases from increasing Genetic Health. Enjoy!

Minor updates in armor repair: We reduced the use DCs for repulsorlift and jetpack systems. Happy flying, watch out for those trees!

April 15th 2020: MFTAS has been adjusted: -1D to all ratings.

If you have this system please adjust it to the following:

+1D to Visual Perception checks in visibility obscuring conditions (Passive System)
+2D to Visual Perception checks in visibility obscuring conditions (Active System)
+1D to Listen
+1D to Blaster vs targets moving 10+ meters in a round
+1D to Search vs targets more than 1km away

April 15th 2020: We have made quite a few changes to almost every design and construction system in order to improve crafting at "low levels". At end game/higher levels, these changes do very little, however they are quality of life increases for beginning crafters. Additionally, Computer Engineering/Engineering have been dramatically changed, see the new entry for new details.

Armor Design:

Reduced Embedded Generator from +7 to +6
Reduced Integrated Computer from +5 to +4
Reduced Repulsors from +7 to +6
Reduced Atmospheric Seal to +2
Separated out Radiation Protection. Now +2 per zone it protects against, up to 5.
Reduced Helmet Computer and Datapad construction DCs from 25 to 21+5 for each additional unit.
Reduced Servomotors construction DCs from 25 to 17+4 for each additional servo.
Reduced Atmospheric Seal construction DCs from 21 to 16.
Added Radiation Seal at DC 7 per Zone Rating.
Changed the cost of Atmospheric Seal to 200c.
Added Radiation Seal at 400c per zone.

Blaster Design:

Reduced the base design DC of Blaster Design from 21 to 17.
Reduced simple case construction DC to 15.
Reduced custom case construction DC to 21
Reduced advanced composite construction DC to 27.
Reduced custom alloy construction DC to 31.
Reduced Internal Component base DC from 21 to 15.
Changed Crystal Alignment DC to 10+(Damage Increase in Pips)*3
This is 21+(Damage Increase in Pips)*3 for Disruptors.
Reduced silencer DC from 51 to 41 however added an 'X' restriction to them.

Chemical Engineering:

Reduced the base DC to create a non-combat stim to 7
Reduced Increased Duration from +10 to +7

Cybernetic Design/Construction:

Decreased skill increases from +6 to +5
Reduced the difficulty for implants from VD + 4 Levels to Difficult + 4 Levels

Droid Design/Construction:

Reduced Adaptive Brain from +31 to +21
Reduced 5D-6D+2 programming from 7+4*# to 5+4*#
Reduced 7D-9D+2 programming from 41+15*D to 36+15*D
Reduced 10D+ programming from 91+20 to 81+20
Reduce Protocol unit construction DC from 31 to 21
Reduce Ion Resistance construction DC from 51 to 41


Changed the example to not be a DC Epic Design!

Melee Weapon Design:

Reduced the modifier for Double Bladed from +8 to +6
Removed the -1D penalty to damage for Blunt Side
Removed the -1D penalty to damage for Stun Shock, but increased modifier from +5 to +6
Chanaged Collapsible from +3D vs search blah blah to +3D to hide to hide the weapon.
Noted Additional Energy Damage can be added multiple times.

March 31st 2020: Space combat has been rewritten to be less confusing and more detailed on what each thing means. There have been minor changes made to system failures, and fire-linking warheads has been reduced by 2D.

March 29th 2020: Planetary assault mechanics have been updated, and now have effects for the 5 SU orbital area of a planet. Please see the article for more information.

Capital ship damage is now reduced by 75% at long range and 50% at medium range.

Mechanics for maneuvering into an opponent's fire arcs at point blank range (0-1 SU) have been added.

March 25th 2020: Removed Triple weapons, adjusted QIC from 4 SU to 3 SU, removed HSQLCs, removed Cap weapons on transports (Specific entries will be added)

March 25th 2020: Increased Space Transport TL, TLB, and ICB range to 35.
Added Space Transport damages to Capital Ships to the damage tables chart.

March 20th 2020: Sensor scramblers and jammers are now combined into one entry

February 13th 2020: Blasters now have a scaling cost based on scale. 1.5x for Medium, 2x for Heavy, 3x for VH.

Shylock has been reduced to a 10% reduction.

February 11th 2020: We have massively updated the 'Main Line' storyline stat boost AND introduced a new Sentinel Company storyline stat boost as well. If your current Sentinel Character falls below the new starting point for the Sentinel Company storyline, please see HGM Vandroth for sheet adjustments. See the Create a Character section of the manual for more details.

February 10th 2020: Blasters now require a base cost of 100 credits just for internal stuff, the basic crystal, etc.

February 5th 2020: Twi'Lek males now have a -4 Character Quirk Modifier to make up for the fact that female Twi'Leks get special abilities.

February 3rd 2020: As part of our ongoing library/store clean-up, we have created and implemented a new database system that is significantly easier for our GMs to use and maintain. Hopefully, it will be easier for you to use as well!

As we populate categories of the database we will make them available for viewing. At some point in the future, we will re-enable the store utilizing the new database and its updated items. For now, the database is view only, just like the library used to be.

Speaking of, all starfaring vessels have been updated and are now available in the new database! You may reach it via selecting 'Spaceships' from the library.

February 3rd 2020: We made a model for ship costs! All ship costs have been updated. Player designs to follow in the coming weeks.

General synopsis of changes, all costs are in Millions of Credits unless otherwise noted, NC indicates no change:

ACRV 42 -> 47 | AFRG 390 -> 355 | AFRG II 420 -> 405 | Bayo 50 -> 73.5 | BFF-1 NC | Carrack NC | CE-2 NC | CR-90 35 -> 33 | DP-20 42 -> 54 | Dread 345 -> 340 | ESC NC | Express EX-1 7.5 -> 7 | Gozanti 17.5 -> 5 | GR-75 8.6 -> 7.5 | Guardian 8 -> 23 | Hapan Nova (Additionally rebalanced) 150 -> 250 | Hapan BD 628 -> 480 (Additionally rebalanced) | HT-2200 2.5 -> 6.5 | ISD I NC | ISD II 2.125B -> 2.4B | INT 522.4 -> 425 | IPV-1 3 -> 14 | L19 1.25 -> 4 | Lancer 97 -> 60 | Liberator 318 -> 325 | Lictor 485 -> 450 | Mark I Bulk 4.25 -> 4 | MC-40 295 -> 400 | MC-75 1.225B -> 1.135B | MC-80a 1.185B -> 1.2B | MC-80B NC | MC-90 1.425B -> 1.625B | Modular 50 -> 300 | NEB B 125 -> 135 | NEB B2 135 -> 145 | Quasar -> NC | Hammerhead 25 -> 16 | Galleon 115 -> 100 | Star Pulse 3.25 -> 3.5 | Starwind 10 -> 5 | STRIKE 249 -> 275 | Subla 4.56 -> 6 | Vibre 15.5 -> 19 | VSD I 600 -> 660 | VSD II (Shields slightly buffed) 650 -> 700

RSD and DSD have been removed from the library

January 27th 2020: A pretty major change to Leadership is now up. This makes Followers more specialized and less like mini-characters. This is a nerf/buff to the skill (nerfed at low skills, buff at high skills), and the reduction chart for Leadership has been updated with better examples.

Any character with Leadership minions should adjust them accordingly

Military Leadership has been swapped for Logistics. Logistics is an advanced Knowledge skill and is now required to create a faction, and determines the maximum skill die of your followers.

If you have Military Leadership you may swap the skill for Logistics.

Military Leadership has been removed from the pre-reqs of the appropriate spec classes/disciplines.

Recruited followers are now tied to Logistics. This affects no current characters but ML characters will need to have skills adjusted slightly based on the conversion of Military Leadership to Logistics.

General has been temporarily removed as a Specialist Class, it will be re-added in the near future as a Faction-centered Specialist Class.

January 25th 2020: Design rolls now require spending 50% of the construction cost of an item in prototyping, etc.

You may choose to fail a design roll completely for a week and get a -5 to the DC, which can stack up to -20.

January 20th 2020: Fixed the Character Death section of the manual. Nothing has changed, but it now looks better.

Fixed the Damage Tables section of the manual. Nothing has changed, but it now looks better.

Corrected a typo with Ranger that didn't show the DC reduction on the Urban 3D ability.

Corrected a reference in Weapons and Armor to the old Dex penalty of armor.

Generally removed a bunch of strange characters that is an artifact from the manual re-write a billion years ago due to copy-pasta from word documents.

Removed the final instances of 'Mental Focus' from the manual. If you find any that may be lingering because they're typos or whatnot, please contact Raven or Cyrel and we will throw you a CP or two.

January 12th 2020: Updates to Specialist Classes. If you have SQUAD LEADER or STRATAGEM and no longer want that specialist class, please see a SGM. ACADEMIC will be adjusted sometime in the near future but we are still working on it.

January 6th 2020: Updates to quirks. These updates are geared at making some negative quirks more tempting to take (I AM LOOKING AT YOU, AMNESIA), and fixing some issues due to the removal of MF. If any of these changes give you a POSITIVE quirk modifier, OR if you had any of the MENTAL FOCUS quirks, you may respec for free, or 20 CP if you have 'I Am Who I Am And That's Who I Am'. Having a positive modifier and not wanting a full respec requires that you just pick a negative quick to zero yourself out.

December 30th 2019: Some minor updates in preparation for a big update focused on fixing lingering Mental Focus removals:

November 19th 2019: Life Sense updated such that the Heroic range is now 'Planet-wide'. Beating the Heroic DC by 10 (i.e. 41) increases the range by 1 SU per 10 DC met. The initial doubling of the ranges for using a focus sets the Heroic range to 1 SU.

October 20th 2019: This round of changes is aimed at addressing the wealth creep observed in the ABG, particularly through the use of businesses and side projects. Significant revisions have occured with respect to businesses and side projects, please see a SGM to have your sheet updated or project modified to conform to the new rules. Players with factions, please see the HGM.

Given the recent changes, I felt it best to codify what steps an older player with a faction would need to go through in order to resume using their faction:

September 29th 2019: 2019-09-29:

That's all for now. Coming soon: Wounds/Attrition revamp, Side Project / Faction / Business tweaks and clarifications, and general manual clean-up.

June 25th 2018: Removed the advanced skills Mental Focus, Economy, and Economy II. Speak with a GM if you have these skills.

September 17th 2017: MAD SCIENCE! has received some balances changes to put it in line with the other spec classes.

September 17th 2017:

New Group Fire Rules have been added to the manual.

April 20th 2017: Added Quirk : "Where is the 'any' key"

April 16th 2017: New rules regarding the detection of artifacts
Please see:

April 15th 2017: Weapon Deflection now reads :

This ability is used as a reaction skill vs any attack. Your attacks for the following round deal -1D damage. If you are successful in deflecting an enemy attack you do not take the attack damage penalty for your next round, and you may make a counter attack as if you had used the appropriate skill to block the attack. The incoming attack is considered to be a miss, and does not impact your weapon/cause damage to your weapon.

April 15th 2017: Martial Artist now has a sublet for K'Thri.

March 23rd 2017: Extended Stims are now available. These stims last much longer but are treated as an inherent bonus.

For more information :

January 12th 2017: Spending CP on Rolls has been tweaked slightly. Now reads :

During a sim a character may add one or more CP to roll to increase a skill or attribute by 1D for each CP spent in a round. Spending a CP to increase an attribute does not increase all skills under that attribute, only the roll. During the next round, all die rolls return to normal. You cannot spend more than 2 CP in a round in this manner.

January 12th 2017: Specialist Class Change : Medical Doctor's ability to use "Extended research" is now capped at 15 times the character's Specialist class dice code.

January 12th 2017: New Rule added to Taking Action under Reacting to Grenades/Area of Effect.

Explosives in Enclosed Spaces, "Chunky Salsa" : If an explosion happens inside of an enclosed space due to a grenade or other explosive device and the radius of that explosive includes a wall that is not destroyed in the blast, any character inside of the radius takes double damage ( For example, 1D becomes 2D ) from the reverberation of the blast.

January 11th 2017: Faction Requirements changed to : To become a Faction, a player must first have either a Base of Operations (BO) worth at least 25,000,000 credits, or be stationed on a Capital Ship or station worth at least 25,000,000 credits.

December 13th 2016: Planetary Guns have been re-balanced, please see a SGM if you currently have planetary guns for the adjustment.

Planetary Guns now deal 200 SBD/RU/SYS damage (depending on type) and fire two shots of 100 damage each per combat round.

December 9th 2016: The Character Death section of the manual has received one very important update and one other update that was-just-kinda-bothering-us.


Last updated Monday, July 7th, 2014, by FA Cyrel Vandroth.

Graphics designed by GEN Deltan Saviri.
Implementation by FA Licah Fox.